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BenMore Four Casks

Mã sản phẩm: Benmore
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Ben More Four Casks

Rượu Ben More Four Casks thuộc dòng Blended Scotch Whisky được trưng cất và pha trộn tại Scotland, đóng chai bởi Diageo Philippines Inc.

- Dung tích: 700 ml.

- Nồng độ: 40%Alc.,/Vol.,

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rượu ngoại ben more four casks

Benmore is Gaelic for 'High Mountain' and the company has been marketed their whiskies with slogans like 'The Peak of Scotch' and 'The pinnacle of perfection'. Benmore Distilleries was founded in 1920 and soon bought four distilleries, among others Dallas Dhu. Soon the company were producing there own blended whisky and in 1923 they registrated their first own brand, Dallas Mhor. Blending whisky was a success and in 1929 that was the main source of income. They started bottling their own blends and was soon exporting bottled whisky in a very successful way. In the 1930s the most popular brand was Benmore Liqueur Scotch Whisky. The name was then altered to Benmore Blended Scotch Whisky and later to Benmore Selected Scotch Whisky and its under that name that its known today.



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